For more than 20 years COET has been actively working in the field of Power Supply Systems for DC traction applications.

COET is one of the most important Italian players in its field with experience in International projects having supplied many of its products worldwide thanks to the collaboration with the most important contractors. Safety, Reliability and Easy Maintenance are key concepts in a Power Supply system of modern DC Traction substations: COET products are state of the art for this application.

Taking advantage of the synergy with the other Companies of the Group, in particular FRIEM and AKTIF ELEKTROTEKNIK, COET is able to offer a full range of solutions for power supply systems of Monorails, Trolley busses, Metro and Trains at 750V, 1,5kV and 3kV dc, including:

  • 12, 24 and 36kV MV Switchgears (Aktif Elektroteknik).
  • Rectifier Transformers (Friem).
  • Rectifier cubicles (Friem).
  • Feeder Panels.
  • Negative, Measuring and Filter Panels.
  • Disconnecting Panels.
  • Negative Voltage Limiting Devices.
  • Disconnectors.
  • Load Brake switches.
  • Voltage presence and control relays.